Tower Garden (Spring 2023)

Through this grant, students at Reidenbaugh  Elementary will explore gardening through aeroponics. Tower Gardens will allow students to plant seeds, observe growth, harvest – and even eat – crops throughout the year. An innovative way for children to learn about 21st century farming and a demonstration of the vertical farming concept taught in the first-grade science curriculum, this project will provide students first-hand experience of plant growth, farming and a deeper understanding of where food comes from.



Hands-on Science investigations (Fall 2022)

This grant provides students in grades 3 and 4 at Bucher Elementary several hands-on environmental science lessons, from water conversation to animal biodiversity, presented by a County Conservation Officer.   These lessons help students build a positive relationship between nature and community, including the stream on school property, while addressing PA State Standards in Environment and Ecology. 



Bone Clone Hominid Skulls (Fall 2022)

This grant provides a set of high-end replicas of skulls of ancient hominids for use in 7th grade science classes. The skulls will facilitate a hands-on investigation at the culmination of the life-science unit to make comparisons and draw conclusions about how humans have changed over millions of years. Hands-on learning experiences are proven to be more engaging and powerful learning experiences, though the rarity of fossils and price of materials means tactile options for at the secondary level students are often limited. As relevant hands-on materials, this project addresses multiple state science standards and will enable students to make inferences using tangible models in a real, physical experience.


Note that many grants have outcomes in multiple impact areas.

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