MTHS alumni class contacts, as known, are listed below along with their email addresses.


Alumni Year Contact Name Email
1942 Henry Stouffer
1943 Marvin Shearer [email protected]
1946 Pauline Gibble
1947 Nat Netscher
1948 Geraldine Mallinson [email protected]
1949 Margaret Atkins [email protected]
1949 Thomas Atkins [email protected]
1950 David Heckel
1950 Edith Heckel
1950 Jack Vogel [email protected]
1953 Kent Strickler [email protected]
1954 Movita Groff [email protected]
1955 Betsy Kelly [email protected]
1956 William Mccoy [email protected]
1957 Charles Gaston [email protected]
1958 Fred Schneider [email protected]
1959 John Snoke [email protected]
1960 Kenneth Frey [email protected]
1960 Edward Waidley [email protected]
1961 Penny Long [email protected]
1962 Marilyn Sander [email protected]
1963 Steven Lindenberg [email protected]
1963 Anne Warner [email protected]
1964 Vickie Kutz [email protected]
1965 Priscilla Hodecker [email protected]
1966 Karen Fuerst [email protected]
1967 Connie Jeff [email protected]
1967 William Mcnickle [email protected]
1968 Kirk Gillette
1969 Patricia Dodson [email protected]
1970 Walter Rowen [email protected]
1971 Jeffrey Duke [email protected]
1971 Jamie Holbrook [email protected]
1972 Karen Horning [email protected]
1973 Rebecca Gotwalt
1973 Robert Le Min [email protected]
1974 Bradford Harris [email protected]
1974 Mary Shaub
1975 Deborah Graham [email protected]
1976 Darry Longenecker [email protected]
1977 Cathy Testerman [email protected]
1978 Hap Welty [email protected]
1979 Kristie Sindorf [email protected]
1980 Anita Mattern
1981 Lynn Barter [email protected]
1982 Pamela Smith [email protected]
1983 Michele Criste [email protected]
1984 Kathi Clark
1984 Jill Caci
1985 Lesley Foulk [email protected]
1986 Scott Campagna
1986 Shannon Campagna [email protected]
1987 Melissa Werner [email protected]
1988 David Henneman [email protected]
1988 James [Jim] Zervanos [email protected]
1989 Kristin Kopp [email protected]
1990 Julie Boldizar [email protected]
1990 Laura Strickler [email protected]
1991 Kimberly Springer [email protected]
1992 Wendy Booker [email protected]
1993 Jennifer Kaufmann [email protected]
1993 Jeff Wood [email protected]
1994 Bill Ziegler [email protected]
1995 Victoria Sebastiano [email protected]
1996 Kellie Maxwell
1997 Becca Stamp [email protected]
1998 Renee Heller
1999 Sarah Mckee [email protected]
2000 Ellen Shen [email protected]
2002 Kathleen Eager [email protected]
2002 Kaliope Tsoflias [email protected]
2003 Bret van Roden [email protected]
2004 Aimee Janesky [email protected]
2004 Maggie Kurtz [email protected]
2005 Jared Itkowitz [email protected]
2005 Katherine Springer [email protected]
2006 Katie Calhoun [email protected]
2006 Christopher Socie [email protected]
2007 Craig Socie
2008 Martha Tahsler [email protected]
2009 Reid Phillips
2010 Rachel Veronis [email protected]
2010 Michael Young [email protected]
2011 Brett Donmoyer [email protected]
2012 Fallon O’Neill
2013 Brian Nana-Sinkam [email protected]
2014 Andrew Young [email protected]
2015  Sarah Svetec  [email protected]
2016  David Deerin  [email protected]
2018 Stefan Glavce [email protected]
2019 Nicholas Tufano [email protected]

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