Artist in Residence – Melinda Steffy (Spring 2022)

Melinda Steffy’s unique artistic process translates the music principles of rhythm and pitch into visual colors and shapes. Through EITC funding from APR Supply Company, this project will install Steffy as the Middle School artist-in-residence for the duration of school year, building on a cross-curricular unit previously implemented in Middle School art and music classes.  As artist in residence, Steffy would meet with students in 7th grade music and 8th grade art classes at least one day each marking period, and, in collaboration with students, create an artistic representation of the school song.  This experience will allow students to interact with a working artist, learn about careers in the arts, and participate in a large-scale mural project fostering a sense of community. 



Building Unity Through Mural Art (Fall 2021)

Guided by Katie Trainer, a local professional artist, Landis Run students will work together using visual art– a mural – to achieve a common goal. Trainer will explore with students the purpose, history and process of murals, then work to with students to merge the designs they submit into the art they then paint. This project will preserve each individual’s unique presence in the school, while helping students develop a sense of community and belonging as they come together as a graduating class for the first time.  



Ceramics Club (Spring 2021)

Due to the number of students at each elementary school, each student is only given the opportunity to do one clay project a year. Because of this, it can be challenging for a student to master basic clay skills. Through this opportunity, we will create a Ceramics Club for 3rd and 4th graders where students will have the chance to learn more advanced ceramic skills such as: pottery wheel, wedging clay, rolling slabs and creating hand-built clay pieces. They will also learn proper safety of working with clay, how clay is made, and how the kiln works. In turn, these same students will have the chance to help younger students in a future art club for 1st and 2nd grade students.  


Note that many grants have outcomes in multiple impact areas.

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