Twice a year, fall and spring, MTEF disburses contributions from area businesses and individuals to implement educational programs that are applied for by school district educators.  In the fall of 2016, the MTEF Board of Directors voted to approve the Grant Committee's recommendation to award 18 grants totaling more than $38,000.  Grants were awarded across the district and include an Active Learning program at Brecht Elementary, the purchase of ukuleles for all elementary fourth grade music classes, a Leadership Training Program for student athletes at the high school and more.  

9/11 Assembly Speaker (MTHS)

The week prior to September 11, 2016, Manheim Township High School welcomed guest Artie Van Why, a 9/11 survivor.  Artie was present at the World Trade Center when the towers were attacked.  Artie shared excerpts from his book, That Day In September.  After he was done speaking, there was time for Q & A with students.  This was funded through the Jean Hoadley Peterson Memorial Fund.

Active Learning Equals Student Engagement (Brecht)

This grant will equip students with Active Learning materials.  This customized K-4 package, complete with manipulatives and activities is designed to promote learning through physical movement.  Active Learning strategies support the current Manheim Township curriculum while creating an environment that nurtures student development emotionally, socially, physically and academically. 

Brecht Summer Reading Kickoff (Brecht)

Through this program, Brecht Elementary provides each student with an age-appropriate book to read over the summer.  At their “Summer Reading Kick-Off” celebration, students choose their book, allowing them to feel more engaged and responsible for their summer reading with the added bonus of preventing a gap in learning.  During the event, students also make a “Reading Reminder” craft.  This grant is made possible through the Louise Engle Memorial Fund.

Bucher Stream Study - Hands on Science (Bucher)

This project offers students in grades 2, 3, and 4 at Bucher Elementary hands-on science lessons presented by a County Conservation Officer.  These lessons help students build a positive relationship between nature and community while covering PA State Standards in Environment and Ecology.  These EITC approved programs have had a proven, positive academic impact on the students involved.

Building a Vocal Community (Choral)

This choral clinic is for all Manheim Township students that participate in choral activities and provides a time of shared singing and a chance to hear each other’s ensemble performances.  The clinic is an opportunity to build excitement for choral activities at every grade level and is also a chance for MTSD singers to experience performances by outside choral groups.  This year the teachers invited nationally recognized and Grammy Award winning artist Dr. Ysaÿe Maria Barnwell for a day of workshops funded in part by MTEF.

Dept. of Interior - Civil War Traveling Trunk (MTMS)

Manheim Township Middle School teachers were awarded a two-week time-slot to receive the Depart of the Interior/Gettysburg National Military Park’s Life of a Civil War Soldier Traveling Trunk.  According to the Department of the Interior’s official description, the trunk contains “various clothing items, military accouterments, pastime activities, photographs, music, literature, and film segments”.  The Life of a Civil War Soldier Traveling Trunk will provide students with a unique history experience beyond the typical classroom experience.  This opportunity is awarded to a limited number of schools nationally each year.

Drums Alive for Students and Staff (Brecht / Nitrauer)

The goal of this project is to provide the students and staff at Brecht and Nitrauer Elementary Schools with a fun new way to exercise while incorporating music and rhythm in the Physical Education curriculum.  Drums Alive combines drumming, music, and movement through a cross-curricular approach.  Students of all ages and ability levels will be able to participate and feel successful in this program.

Exposing Students to Technological Innovations (MTHS)

In the current curriculum for the AP Computer Science Principles course, students are exposed to the existence of technological innovations but do not have the ability to try them in a hands-on environment to explore and create.  This grant will provide the classroom with several pieces of innovative technology that will allow students to apply what they are learning.  The materials align with specific standards of the course curriculum and are an effective way to support student’s understanding of the material and future success on the AP exam. 

First Robotics, First Tech Challenge (MTHS)

The First Robotics Competition pushes students to apply knowledge from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses in order to find innovative ways to solve problems.  In this competition, a team of MTHS students coordinate their expertise and knowledge to research, design, build and operate a robot according to specific rules and the competitions challenge.  In addition, they must design a team brand, construct a display, and document the project.

HS Quiz Bowl Nationals 2017- (MTHS)

Quiz bowl enhances all areas of academics and encourages students to learn.  The team competes from October to May and works hard to earn right a spot at the national competition.  Since 1990, the MTHS Quiz Bowl team has qualified to compete in the national tournament.  MTHS Quiz Bowl has a great amount of support among the high students, staff, and alumni.  MTEF offsets the costs for the Quiz Bowl team to compete at the national level through funds provided by an institutional grant from the Deerin Family.

Holocaust Survivor Tells His or Her Story (MTMS)

Through this program students have the rare opportunity to hear a Holocaust survivor’s story.  The presentation will likely have a life-long impact on students and teachers.  This is an experience for the school to learn about discrimination and intolerance first-hand.  Students read the story of Anne Frank as part of the eight grade curriculum and having a Holocaust survivor speak to the students gives them the rare opportunity to hear another person’s story. 

Incorporating Robotics into Geometry (MTHS)

Through the use of Ozobot robots, computer programming and robotics will be incorporated into math courses to help students make connections between their studies and the application of mathematics outside the classroom.  This project will demonstrate how math skills connect to potential employment opportunities in a variety of areas. 

MTHS Biology Stream Study (MTHS)

The Biology Stream Study is designed to give 10th grade biology students the opportunity to incorporate what they are learning about the environment, watershed management, and conservation within the watershed of their local community. The program reinforces concepts learned in class and encourages better understanding, and ownership for, their local watershed.  MTEF is providing funding through a grant from the Alcoa Foundation.

MT Leadership Training Program (MTHS)

This program will provide a Leadership Training Day for 60 student-athletes that would include team building activities, a motivational speaker, and activities geared toward building confidence in students.  Led by an expert in the field, the Leadership Training seminar will allow a group of students from each sports team to understand the importance of building relationships with each other and with the student body.  They will discuss how to overcome obstacles, work through adversity and become leaders both on and off the field.

Schreiber Pediatrics Community Connection (Schaeffer)

This grant will provide the second grade class with the opportunity to visit Schreiber Pediatrics to see first-hand what Schreiber does for patients and their families.  While this experience may enhance the students’ fundraising efforts and knowledge of philanthropy, more importantly, the goal is for the experience to give the students a better understanding of what happens at Schreiber and how their hard work can benefit others.  This grant is made possible through the Jean Hoadley Peterson Memorial Fund.

Stained Glass Mosaic (Landis Run)

The goal of this grant is to create a school inspired stained glass mosaic featuring images about the culture and landscape of Landis Run Intermediate School.  Involving students from the intermediate, middle and high schools, this project will provide the opportunity to learn the art and design in creating a large-scale piece while using visual communication to portray the environment and ecosystem of the Landis Run area.

STEM - Renewable Energy (MTMS)

This two-week program will introduce all eighth grade students to renewable energy by engaging in activities to help them understand the transformation of solar and wind energy into electricity.  Students will also explore the various roles engineers play in creating a sustainable environment.  Students will build the models giving them insight into how machines work and the variables that can change their efficiency.   Students will see how academics impact their personal lives, community, and issues for the future.

U is for Ukulele (All Elementary)

Through this grant, ukuleles will be provided to 4th grade students as an additional component to their general elementary music instruction.  The ukulele is more accessible than the guitar for this age group and allows them to still perform chords and learn to read tablature.  The program will benefit students as they choose to study instruments at the intermediate, middle, and high school levels.