At its November 16 meeting, the Manheim Township Educational Foundation Board of Directors  voted to approve the Grant Committee’s recommendation to award 9 grants totaling more than $78,000 for the Fall 2021 cycle. These grants are made possible though EITC donations, memorial funds, institutional grants, general donations and contributions from MTEF Community Partners. Benefitting students from elementary through high school across the district, grants awarded include a media production studio, an interdisciplinary STEM initiative at Manheim Township Middle School and a mural artist in residence project at Landis Run Intermediate School.

Building Positivity (LRIS) Erin Birk/ $2,298.10 
Landis Run staff had previously worked together to add wall decals featuring positive messages in restrooms throughout the building. As the original installations have not held up to wear-and-tear, this grant allows staff to purchase more durable alternatives and continue their commitment to positive messages and to the social-emotional well-being of students in all environments throughout the building. This grant is funded through the Artie Shirk Memorial Fund.

Building Unity through Mural Art (LRIS) Dyan Branstetter and Megan Whitney / $3,800.00 
Guided by Katie Trainer, a local professional artist, Landis Run students will work together using visual art– a mural – to achieve a common goal. Trainer will explore with students the purpose, history and process of murals, then work to with students to merge the designs they submit into the art they then paint. This project will preserve each individual’s unique presence in the school, while helping students develop a sense of community and belonging as they come together as a graduating class for the first time.

Coding in the Content – STEM Initiative (MTMS) Brian Booker and Jackie Druck / $11,429.00
This project will integrate two disciplines, engaging students in creation through STEM activities—specifically coding and robotics—as they learn the district social studies curriculum. This grant provides for user-friendly robots that students will utilize to visualize a variety of experiences, decisions, and processes, from Westward expansion to lawmaking, covered in middle school social studies. This project demonstrates the importance of STEM across all disciplines and can provide a model for integration in other subjects.

Hands-on Science Investigations – Stream Study (Bucher) Kristen Rychener/ $857.50
This project offers students in grades 2, 3, and 4 at Bucher Elementary hands-on science lessons presented by a County Conservation Officer. These lessons help students build a positive relationship between nature and community while covering PA State Standards in Environment and Ecology. These EITC approved programs have had a proven, positive academic impact on the students involved.

Media Production Studio – Libraries of the Future (MTHS) Karen Leisey and Brandi Swavely / $50,000.00
Through EITC funding from APR Supply Company, this project will add two to three media production studios to the High School, establishing spaces especially suited for students to create podcasts and videos for educational purposes. Small conference rooms will be outfitted with proper furniture and technology, including appropriate computers, apps, microphones, headsets, soundboards and soundproof acoustic panels.  These media rooms will be accessible and available for all students in school, regardless of grade level or course, providing opportunities for students’ voices to be heard and for them to demonstrate learning in different ways.

Promote Collaborative and Interactive Learning (MTHS) Jeanine Bonner/ $4,929.80
This grant will provide markerboard tables to promote collaboration and discussion in high school mathematics classes. Whiteboard surfaces provide space for equations, diagrams and problem solving, while saving paper and promoting creativity, mental and physical engagement, peer cooperation and editing skills. By increasing collaborative and interactive opportunities, this project help students learn to work as a team toward a shared goal and make mathematics more meaningful and relevant.

Quizbowl (MTHS) Missy Doll-Osterhout / $2,500.00
MTEF is helping to offset some of the costs for the MTHS Quiz Bowl team to compete at the national level through funds provided by an outside grant. Quiz Bowl enhances all areas of academics and encourages students to learn. MTHS Quiz Bowl is very successful and has a great amount of support among the high school students, staff, and alumni.

Summer Reading Kick-off (Brecht) Gale Burkhart / $900.00
Brecht Elementary holds a “Summer Reading Kick-Off” and provides each student with an age-appropriate book to read over the summer. Students choose their book and make a craft designed to remind them to ready over the summer. This grant is made possible through the Louise Engle Memorial Fund established through MTEF.

Tower Garden Exploration (Schaeffer) Emily Winters, Angeline Bertuola, Amanda Bass / $1,323.00
Through this grant, students will explore gardening through aeroponics. Tower Gardens will allow students to plant seeds, observe growth, harvest – and even eat – crops throughout the year. An innovative way for children to learn about 21st century farming and a demonstration of the vertical farming concept taught in the first-grade science curriculum, this project will provide students first-hand experience of plant growth, farming and a deeper understanding of where food comes from. This grant is made possible through the James Livengood Memorial Fund established through MTEF.