At the November 2019 board meeting, the Manheim Township Educational Foundation (MTEF) Board of Directors voted to approve the Grant Committee’s recommendation to award 14 grants totaling over $77,000.  Since 1993, MTEF has supported the extra efforts of district educators for projects that enhance the academic, athletic, and artistic experiences for their students.  These grants are made possible through EITC donations, memorial funds, institutional grants, general donations, and contributions from MTEF Community Partners.  Grants were awarded across the district and include Artist in Residence programs, Rachel’s Challenge FOR Clubs at the intermediate school, the third phase of the Skylab Observatory, and more.

Artist in Residence (Brecht) Nicole Reinking/ $5,000.00
Through this grant, Steven Courtney will serve as the Artist in Residence at Brecht Elementary.  He will work with each of the 15 homerooms to help the students learn new skills, express themselves creatively, and demonstrate their learning. This project will allow students to research school history, collaborate on writing song lyrics, and participate in a concluding performance honoring Brecht Elementary School’s 90th birthday.  The art and music teachers will also benefit from this project and will incorporate the work Stephen does with the students on this school wide project.

Assemblies, Engagement, and Single School Culture (Brecht) Nicole Reinking/ $1,573.98
This grant will allow Brecht elementary school to purchase a short-throw projector, a high-quality, portable speaker sound system, and an Apple TV. These items are critical to the success of today’s assemblies and learning opportunities the school would like to bring to the gymnasium, cafeteria, and outdoor garden/recess areas.  These tools will allow the school to bring in guest speakers and to hold assemblies on school culture, STEAM, and other topics for students and the community.

Brecht Summer Reading Kick-off (Brecht) Gale Burkhart / $800.00
Brecht Elementary holds a “Summer Reading Kick-Off” and provides each student with an age-appropriate book to read over the summer.  Students choose their book and make a craft designed to remind them to ready over the summer.  This grant is made possible through the Louise Engle Memorial Fund established through MTEF.

Engaging Readers to Elevate Writers (Schaeffer/Neff) Kristen Canady and Jaclyn Griffith / $3,730.00
Author and illustrator Daniel Kirk will visit this spring to provide several grade level appropriate workshops. The kindergarten workshop will foster a love of reading and explain the job of an author and illustrator.  The 1st and 2nd graders will learn about his writing process including editing and revising.  The 3rd and 4th graders will learn how to take an idea from something they see or hear, create a research process, and create their final product.  The program will provide a collaborative process for students and teachers to see how a published author takes an idea through the creative process.

Generation Genius (Bucher) Taylor Straub / $795.00
By providing students with engaging videos, readings, DIY hands-on projects, and assessments that follow the aligned standards, Generation Genius will enhance the science curriculum for grades K-4 at Bucher Elementary.  Teachers can use Generation Genius to build upon science lessons, to introduce key vocabulary, to assess student understanding, and to engage students with Do-It-Yourself STEM activities.  Students can also use these resources to build on their knowledge from previous lessons or to explore new concepts.

Gallery Display Panels (MTHS) Matt Jones / $1,952.00
Presentation of artwork is part of the curriculum for the high school art courses.  With the addition of four new gallery display panels, students will be able to proudly display their artwork.  Other students at the high school will benefit by being able to see artwork done by their peers.  Parents, community members and staff will also be able to enjoy the display as these lightweight and mobile panels will be used to display student artwork at the annual district art show and other events.

Guided Reading through STEAM Content Books (Brecht) Tess Wales and Gale Burkhart / $7,858.79
This grant will allow the reading specialists at Brecht Elementary to purchase Scholastic’s Guided Reading Content Areas which includes 6 copies of 200 titles.  These books will allow teachers to use standards based texts about topics students are learning in the STEAM curriculum to enhance vocabulary, problem-solving, and concept knowledge.  By using a guided reading program, teachers will be able to reach readers at the appropriate reading level.  This grant is made possible through the Louise Engle Memorial Fund established through MTEF.

Hands on Science Investigation Stream Study (Bucher) Kristen Rychener / $1,455.25
This project offers students in grades 2, 3, and 4 at Bucher Elementary hands-on science lessons presented by a County Conservation Officer.  These lessons help students build a positive relationship between nature and community while covering PA State Standards in Environment and Ecology.  These EITC approved programs have had a proven, positive academic impact on the students involved.

Hip Hop Fundamentals: Unlocking Meaningful Connections through Dance (Nitrauer) Dyan Branstetter / $4,830.00
Students and staff will participate in an engaging and interactive assembly sharing background information about hip hop as a dance form.  The performers will then teach science concepts through hip hop.  Students and staff will work with teaching artists over several weeks to create a signature dance to promote school unity while working on social, emotional, and academic skills.

Improving Climate F.O.R. Landis Run (LRIS) Sara Eddy / $10,000.00
This grant will provide supplies for 5 FOR Clubs at Landis Run Intermediate School.  These Rachel’s Challenge clubs include Welcome, Compassion in Action (CIA), Spirit Club, Rachel’s Closet, and Marketing & Art.  One of goals of the FOR Clubs is to make LRIS a positive environment where students want to go to school every morning.  Creating a positive school environment will increase pride, self-worth and respect for others and for their school.  This grant for Rachel’s Challenge FOR Clubs at Landis Run helps bring alignment with the Rachel’s challenge programs at the middle school and high school and aligns with the districts Strategic Plan goals.

MT Skylab Observatory Phase 3 (MTHS) David Farina / $36,000.00
The Skylab Observatory is a long-term project that would provide the opportunity to engage in STEAM learning activities for students in grades K-12, the staff and the community.  It will provide a “home” for observational astronomy where equipment can be permanently mounted reducing set up time, protecting equipment, and allowing more time for observation and discussion.  In partnership with the planetarium program, the MT SkyLab Observatory will provide countless amazing experiences for our students and the community.  Phase 3 will continue construction of the SkyLab.

Quizbowl (MTHS) Missy Doll-Osterhout / $2,500.00
MTEF is helping to offset some of the costs for the MTHS Quiz Bowl team to compete at the national level through funds provided by an outside grant.  Quiz bowl enhances all areas of academics and encourages students to learn.  MTHS Quiz Bowl is very successful and has a great amount of support among the high school students, staff, and alumni.

Township Recycle Challenge (MTHS) Jamie Bresch / $200.00
This grant will support students from the Environmental Club at the high school as they work to educate the MTSD community on current recycling guidelines.  The students will create age appropriate posters for each building that pictorially present the items that can and cannot be placed in recycle bins.  The students will also create a video that will educate students and staff on the BIG 4 trash program in Lancaster County and how our school district can do a better job recycling correctly.  This project is a new way to connect students in the entire district working towards the same goal.  In addition, the lessons learned can be carried over into other aspects of their lives at home, at work and in the community.

WEB Student Leadership – Where Everybody Belongs (MTMS) Renee Engle and Alyx Brehman / $1,000.00
WEB, “Where Everybody Belongs” is a middle school orientation and transition program.  The WEB program provides structure for 7th graders to receive support and guidance from 8th grade leaders.  The 8th graders that are selected to be WEB Leaders go through training on how to support the incoming 7th graders.  These WEB leaders will grow in confidence, enhance their leadership skills, and will demonstrate an upbeat attitude about the middle school.  MTEF is partnering with WEB to partially fund their initiatives.