The MTEF Board of Directors voted to approve the Grant Committee's recommendation to award 20 grants totaling just over $71,383 for the Fall 2018 cycle.  These grants are made possible through EITC donations, memorial funds, institutional grants, general donations, and contributions from MTEF Community Partners.  Grants are being awarded across the district and include a Mobile Studio at the Middle School, 1st grade book bins at Schaeffer elementary school, Wellness Works: Mindfulness Training for high school students and teachers and more.  

 1st Grade Book Bins for at Home Reading (Schaeffer) Emily Winters, Amanda Bass, Angeline Bertuola / $5,760.00

This grant will provide first grade classrooms with a selection of high-interest books at various levels allowing the student to borrow a book to share at home which they are able to comprehend.  They will be able to borrow a new book each night, encouraging reading growth and the joy of reading. 

 7th Grade Workplace Tours (MTMS) Elizabeth Ziegler / $5,000.00

As part of one of their courses, 7th grade students explore college and career readiness.  Adding workplace tours to this curriculum will allow student to see how interests, skills, and abilities relate to various occupations.  Students will gain a better understanding of job requirements and responsibilities, workplace etiquette, and learn about local in demand jobs.

 Anagama, Raku, & Reduction Firings – Exposing Students to Alternative Firing Methods (MTHS) David Bear / $5,100.00

This grant will allow an Artist in Residence and high school art students to collaborate, while learning about three historically significant ceramic firing methods used around the world.  These methods are typically taught at the collegiate level, but the MTHS art room is equipped with an art patio allowing them to expose students to these firing methods. 

Attollo Recruit and Scholar (MTHS) David Rilatt and Rachelle Impink/ $24,500.00

Attollo means to “rise up” in Latin.  This program will help high school juniors reach their fullest potential and rise-up to the challenge of pursuing their education by offering them the opportunity to learn leadership skills, character building, SAT preparation, attend college visits, and learn about the financial aid and scholarship application process. 

Brecht Summer Reading Kick-off (Brecht) Gale Burkhart / $800.00

Brecht Elementary holds a “Summer Reading Kick-Off͟” and provides each student with an age-appropriate book to read over the summer.  Students choose their book and make a craft designed to remind them to ready over the summer.  This grant is made possible through the Louise Engle Memorial Fund established through MTEF. 

Cultivating Collaborative Spaces – (Reidenbaugh and Neff) Jaclyn Griffith / $1800.00

The goal of this project is to create and promote the school library as the hub of the collaborative learning community where all students can gather to share, learn, and create in a comfortable setting.  MTEF is funding the hands-on equipment and educational kits that will be used for collaborative learning in this designated space.

Drums Alive (Bucher/Neff) Kristen Bowers / $1,571.85

This project will provide the students and staff with a fun new way to exercise while incorporating music and rhythm in the Physical Education curriculum.  Drums Alive combines drumming, music, and movement through a cross-curricular approach.  Students of all ages and ability levels will be able to participate and feel successful during these activities. 

First Tech Challenge Team “Rover Ruckus” (MTHS) Richard Nolt / $1,877.00

Members of the MT Tech & Engineering Club and the First Tech Challenge team are engineering a solution to the FTC “Rover Ruckus” competition.  Students assessed the status of the school’s available control technology, motor drives, and structural components and worked with their teacher to submit this grant for equipment and supplies for their solution.   

Freedom Riders: Bringing the Museum to the Students (MTHS) Wayne Kantz / $1,600.00

This grant will allow the high school history teachers to bring “Freedom Riders” traveling exhibit to Manheim Township.  This exhibit is presented by the Glider Lehrman Institute of American History and will be housed in the library making it open to all students.  This offers unique ways to experience history and complements the US History curriculum at MTHS.

Full Steam Ahead with Books (Schaeffer/Nitrauer) Kristen Candy / $1,246.42

This project will provide the libraries at Schaeffer and Nitrauer elementary schools with resources to support the goals of the STEAM Labs.    These resources will enable teachers to add current trends in innovation to their lessons and support students as they explore their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Girls and Boys Restroom – Positive Messages on Stall Doors (LRIS) Kate Cramer / $965.00

To promote goodwill and positive peer relationships for all 5th and 6th grade students in the district, teacher volunteers will install wall decals featuring positive messages in the restrooms.  The messages will enhance the school’s ability to support the students’ social and emotional needs.  This grant is funded through the Artie Shirk Memorial Fund.

Goal Setting for at Risk Students (MTHS) Denise Hall / $575.00

The grant will provide funding for a group that will help students struggling socially, emotionally, academically and/or behaviorally create goals for themselves.  The group will be overseen by a school counselor and mentor that works with at-risk students.  Students completing the program will spend a day visiting 3 educational attractions in Philadelphia.

Hip Hop Fundamentals: Unlocking Meaningful Connections Through Dance (Nitrauer) Dyan Branstetter / $4,675.00

Students and staff will participate in an engaging and interactive assembly about the hip hop as a dance form.  The performers will then teach science concepts through hip hop.  Students and staff will work with teaching artists over several weeks to create a signature dance to promote unity while working on social, emotional, and academic skills.

Mobile Studio (MTMS) Steven Mellinger / $3,800.00

This grant will provide the middle school library with mobile green screens, microphones, and tripods that can be used with their iPads.  This will allow students to make a variety of quality videos and presentations using their iPads.  Students will be able to use the equipment in the library or teachers may borrow them for a classroom project. 

MTHS Chess Team (MTHS) Larry Penner / $400.00

Students expressed an interest in reviving the Manheim Township Chess Team.  The team will compete in the Lancaster Scholastic Chess League.  The chess team will provide students with opportunities for intellectual and social growth.  This grant will fund chess, clocks, playing boards, and reference books as well as the Lancaster Scholastic Chess League dues.

Quizbowl (MTHS) Melissa Ward / $2,500.00

MTEF is helping to offset some of the costs for the MTHS Quiz Bowl team to compete at the national level through funds provided by an outside grant.  Quiz bowl enhances all areas of academics and encourages students to learn.  MTHS Quiz Bowl is very successful and has a great amount of support among the high school students, staff, and alumni.

Robotics Control Systems (MTMS) Tim Rice / $2,883.65

The goal of this grant is to provide students with relevant and current experiences with artificial intelligence by adding programmable robotics kits to the 7th grade Technology Education classroom.  This will enrich the student experience by allowing them design and build robotic control systems preparing them for the future workforce.

Schreiber Pediatrics Community Connection (Schaeffer) Laurie Fllenbaum, Chris Burrowes, Jennifer Smith / $350.00 

Made possible through the Jean Hoadley Peterson Memorial Fund this grant will provide 2nd graders from Schaeffer Elementary the opportunity to visit Schreiber Pediatrics to see first-hand what Schreiber does for patients and their families.  The experience will give students a better understanding of how their fundraising efforts benefit others. 

Sprouting Learners (Brecht) Sharon Schaefer / $4,000.00

The staff at Brecht is developing engaging programs for preschool children that will family and community partnerships to encourage lifelong learning.  Through a series of workshops, they will work to promote early literacy and math skills while also addressing social and emotional learning to benefit the whole child and help prepare children for success.

Wellness Works: Mindfulness Training for Students and Teachers (MTHS) Bill Ziegler / $1,980.00

MTEF is providing a grant to bring in Wynne Kinder of Wellness Works in Schools, a local evidence-based program, to present a series of in-class sessions to give students a direct experience with mindfulness as a tool for dealing with stress in everyday life.  They will also provide a one-day training option for teachers as part of an in-service day.