The MTEF Board of Directors voted to approve the Grant Committee's recommendation to award 19 grants totaling just over $53,734.  These grants are made possible through EITC donations, memorial funds, institutional grants, general donations, and contributions from MTEF Community Partners.  Grants are being awarded across the district and include a new makerspace at the high school library, an author visit at the middle school, additional STEAM Discovery Labs at three elementary schools and more.  

Art Room Stylus Class Set (MTHS) Mathew Jones / $2104.71 

By providing a Stylus set for the high school art classroom, students will be able to use their iPads in a more creative way.  Learning skills on the iPads will not only give the students more options but will better prepare them for a career in the arts.  The course will combine digital art skills with traditional mediums like drawing and painting, creating a new and enriching experience for students. 

Advanced Spectroscopy Techniques on iPads (MTHS) Steve Schulz and Jamie Myers / $3600

With wireless spectrometers, students in AP Biology and Chemistry will be able to gather large quantities of data using an iPad app via Bluetooth, import the data into a spreadsheet to do mathematical transformations, create graphs and digital lab reports.  By reducing data entry, students will have more time for higher-order critical thinking during lab work and reporting information.

Cardiorespiratory Endurance Evaluation with Polar Heart Rate Monitors (Landis Run) Dolores Rabey / $5086

By implementing the use of heart rate monitors, Landis Run students will develop an understanding of their physical fitness needs and the lifelong benefits of exercise.  Students will have a better chance for success in their fitness class as assessments will be made based on their individual efforts.  Improving student fitness will also positively impact their academic and social environment at school.

Enriched Movement through Lifelong Activity - Spikeball (MTMS) Vicki Senft / $599.90

This grant will provide Spikeball equipment to the Middle School for use during their Friday morning R.E.M. period.  Studies state that physical movement helps students to focus and improves academic performance, especially if it is done in the mornings.  Spikeball is a sport they can learn and play throughout their lives and participating in this activity will allow students to better focus during school.

Hands to Heart – African Drumming (All Elementary) Amanda McGinnis and the Elementary Music Teachers / $5011.56

With the addition of a set of Tubano drums to be shared among the elementary school music classrooms, students will be able to explore various sounds, learn patterns, and participate in drum circle lessons.  African drumming, which can be enjoyed by students of various ability and grade levels, has been shown to increase creativity, improve communication, perception, attention and memory as well as encourage wellness by decreasing stress and anxiety.  Students will also learn about African culture and music.

High School Library Makerspace (MTHS) Karen Leisey/ $12,287

To move our high school library into the 21st century and give students more opportunities to explore creative technology, the school will create a Makerspace.  This will allow students and teachers to use a 3D printer, create decals, dabble with robotics, and create podcasts or video presentations using a green screen.  The Library Makerspace will be a place for students to create and collaborate.

HS Quiz Bowl Nationals 2018 (HS – Institutional): Missy Doll / $2500

By helping to offset some of the costs for the MTHS Quiz Bowl team to compete at the national level through funds provided by an outside grant, MTEF is providing for support the Quiz Bowl Team.  Quiz bowl enhances all areas of academics and encourages students to learn.  MTHS Quiz Bowl is very successful and has a great amount of support among the high school students, staff, and alumni.

IHT Spirit Adidas Zone Heart Rate Monitors (MTHS) Virginia Wilson and Kristy Snyder / $5995

The IHT Spirit Adidas Zone system will allow Physical Education students to exercise within heart rate zones appropriate for their individual fitness level and to be graded based on their personal effort and fitness improvement.  The system allows data comparisons at the class and course level as well as the state, regional, and national levels leading to course improvement.  The goal is that personalized goals and positive reinforcement will encourage students to stay fit throughout their life.

Incubators and Eggs for Chicks (Neff) Donna Buckwalter, Devon Reichl, Lynn Longridge / $700

With new incubators for these Neff Elementary classrooms, students will learn about the life cycle of a chick through the study of embryology.  Students will observe how their constant care results in the successful hatch of the chicks.  They learn the basics of scientific inquiry and study that impacts a lifetime of learning. This grant is through the Jean Hoadley Peterson Memorial Fund. 

Mosaic Grant (Landis Run) Kelly McCart/ $1500

This grant will allow Landis Run to expand upon the mosaics created by students in collaboration with other grade levels.  The project will connect to the Art curriculum and Language Arts content involving Colonial America.  The project will incorporate Pennsylvania folk art Hex signs and they will study the tradition of folk arts and research their meaning while collaborating on the artwork and design of the mosaics.

Multicultural STEAM Library with Extension Activities (Brecht) Elizabeth Leese, Laura Love, Christina Deitrich / $700

This grant will provide a set of 65 multicultural picture books that cover many STEAM topics including geology, aviation, agriculture, electricity, physics and ecology.  The books, which are endorsed by the National RIF (Reading is Fundamental) organization, feature multicultural characters, both real and fictional.  This grant is made possible through the Louise Engle Memorial Fund.

Nanoline Contest for 2018 (MTHS) James Campbell / $2500

The high school Nanoline club will be participating in their first ever Nanoline Contest this school year.  The team of students will need to design, construct, and operate a drone programmed using a Nanoline controller.  The Nanoline Contest allows students to apply STEAM concepts such as engineering and math, while also learning about programming, design, publicity, and communication. 

Schaeffer Garden (Schaeffer) Christopher Zander / $4,000

The Schaeffer Garden is a learning tool, curriculum tie-in and outdoor classroom.  This grant will provide funding for continued maintenance and upkeep to the garden.  With appropriate maintenance, the garden can be used by teachers and students as a learning environment for a variety of science related activities, reading and writing opportunities, and application of math skills. 

Schoology for Grades 9-12 (MTHS) Dan Weber, David Rilatt, Tony Aldinger / $7,000

A learning management system (LMS) provides a platform for teachers to store digital content in order to enhance communication between teachers, students, and parents.  This grant will allow the high school to implement Schoology as their LMS providing a common platform and method for enhancing instruction by engaging students in 21st century skills.

Schreiber Pediatrics Community Connection (Schaeffer) Laurie Fellenbaum, Christopher Burrowes, Emily Winters / $350

This grant will provide the second-grade class with the opportunity to visit Schreiber Pediatrics to see first-hand what Schreiber does for patients and their families.  The goal is to give the students a better understanding of what happens at Schreiber and how their philanthropic efforts can benefit others.  This grant is made possible through the Jean Hoadley Peterson Memorial Fund. 

SPARK-ing STEM in MT Elementary Schools (All Elementary) Amy Wertman, Jessica Bagge, Zachary Snyder / $2400

This grant is for an all school assembly at each elementary school presented by the SPARKS (Science Projects are Really Kids’ Stuff) Foundation.  The program will enhance the existing science curriculum and encourage students to ask questions, think critically, and become problem-solving individuals. The experience will strengthen STEM skills and create excitement about science topics.   

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Discovery Labs (Schaeffer, Nitrauer, Bucher) Jason Hoffman / $25,000

This grant is to develop Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) discovery labs at Schaeffer, Nitrauer, and Bucher Elementary schools.  These spaces will be designed to be adaptable, flexible, mobile, ergonomic, and include the latest technology to support collaboration and research.  These specially designed discovery-based classrooms will be designed to integrate science across all curriculum areas using specially designed STEM activities, with the unique implementation of the Arts as appropriate.  The rooms will provide students a chance to collaborate, problem-solve, and demonstrate leadership skills among their peers.  These specially designed discovery-based classrooms will provide life experiences, collaboration, exploration, intrigue, excitement, perseverance, and a culture of innovation.

Stories We Read, Stories We Write (MTMS) Andrea Adams and Ashley Gill / $900

Author of The Honest Truth, Dan Gemeinhart, will spend a day with 7th grade students at the Middle School.  He will give a large group presentation in which he will share about his journey as a writer and how he persevered through failure and rejection to pursue his dreams.  He will also engage with smaller groups of students in hands-on writing workshops throughout the day, teaching them about the processes that writers use to craft literary works.  By meeting an author of young adult books and learning about the processes that he uses, students will deepen their experiences as readers and have a greater understanding of the creativity, perseverance, research and revision that shape a story into a published work.   

Upstander Training (Landis Run) Joan Withum, Dana Schrodel, Jody White, Michelle Pollis / $500

This grant will provide professional “Upstander Student Training” to Landis Run students.  The goal is to enable student teams to become involved in creating a positive peer climate at Landis Run.  This program enhances the LRIS bullying prevention program by allowing student leaders to learn the techniques of being an effective Upstander, instead of a bystander, in a bullying or situation.