Twice a year, fall and spring, MTEF disburses contributions from area businesses and individuals to implement educational programs that are applied for by school district educators. The projects selected are targeted towards enhancing the existing curriculum in ways that excite students and broaden their experiences in the arts, athletics or academics. MTEF is celebrating its 21st anniversary and has distributed nearly $1 million dollars since its establishment in 1993.

HUDL Software for Coaches and Athletes

Grades 9-12 | Using cutting edge technology, coaches and student-athletes are now able to film practices and games for further review and strategic planning. These videos are available to watch across many devices allowing coaches and student-athletes to adjust their technique after analyzing the footage with help from HUDL.

Step Up to Writing

Grades 3, 5, 8, and 10 | Step Up to Writing is a research-based writing program benefiting students by providing fun, differentiated, and engaging activities. Creativity, technical skills, and writing strategies are developed as an extension of the curriculum improving every level of writer for state assessments and college preparation. Step Up to Writing enhances the curriculum and school environment by creating more productive, motivated, and engaged learners. Introduction begins with intermediate school level local competitions.

Spelling Bee

Grades 5-8 | Students in middle school participate in the Scrips National Spelling Bee. Scrips is a national organization known for promoting the betterment of students and enhances the school environment. All students are challenged in the study of language – its origins, structure, and meanings. This knowledge and practice allows them the opportunity to shine on a local, regional, and national stage.

Mobile Learning Lab: iPads® in the Elementary Classroom

Brecht Grades K-4 | A mobile learning lab allows all students and teachers at Brecht Elementary School to have access to iPads with educational application software. This grant allows for a deeper integration of technology into the hands-on learning process. Effectively integrating technology in the classroom enhances student learning; it provides motivation allows students to interact with instruction, respond to it, create, and share with the technology.

Mock Trial

Grades 9-12 | Manheim Township’s Mock Trial team provides the opportunity to study and explore law from a real-world perspective. Mock Trial pairs students with attorney coaches to role-play attorney and witnesses in Moot Courts using cases provided by the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Students compete on a local, regional, and national stage.

HOPS: Homework, Organization, & Planning Skills

Grades 5-8 | The executive skills taught by HOPS, organizational skills, homework completion, and self-advocacy, are important skills through high school and college and are key ingredients for successful occupational functioning. Targeting low academic performers, HOPS has proven successful in raising student grades by years end.

Projected Authentic Writing

Grades 5-6 | Document cameras project the image of a piece of paper onto a screen or whiteboard in a similar way as an overhead projector but without transferring the content to a clear slide. Teachers and students more easily edit and compare or contrast differing texts and work samples. Students feel more immersed in the classroom and are provided the opportunity to share freely with the guidance of the teacher. The writing and interpersonal skills taught with the assistance of the document cameras are essential skills needed in high school, college, and beyond.

Dodge Poetry Festival

Grades 9-12 | The Dodge Poetry festival is the largest event of its kind in the United States held annually in Newark, NJ. Poets and teachers recognize that poetry is essential part of the teaching of literature and argue that poetry needs to be enjoyed and experienced in a context outside of the classroom. The Dodge Poetry Festival allows students to listen to, meet with, and speak to some of the finest living poets in the world. A number of the poets are Nobel, Pulitzer, and United States Poet Laureates.

Authoring Our Stories

Grade 7 | Students read Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive with many students saying it’s their favorite book. With messages and themes such as anti-bullying, forgiveness, taking responsibility, and transformation it’s not hard to see the ripple effects this book has on a school community. Students will meet with, and hear a presentation by the author. Students engage in a conversation developing a deeper understanding of a writer’s processes and a deeper appreciation of the work that goes into crafting a story.

Reading Naturally – Reading Live

Brecht Grades K–4 | The Reading Naturally – Reading Live program combines research-proven strategies, teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring that are known to effectively improve reading proficiency. The program builds fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing; all are essential focuses of literary instruction. This program also utilizes technology in the form of iPads, which is motivating for students and increases their technological abilities.

MTHS Stream Study

Grades 9-12 | The stream study is a hands-on opportunity for students to apply what they’ve learned about the environment, watershed management and conservation. The study is a student-conducted investigation reinforcing and encouraging better understanding of classroom concepts as well as a deeper appreciation and increased ownership for their local watershed. Manheim Township High School students’ scores on the Biology Keystone Exam have peaked since the implementation of the steam study.

6th Grade Quiz Bowl

Grades 5-6 | Students become energized and motivated to learn when in a fun, competitive setting like a quiz bowl. Landis Run Intermediate School now has a Quiz Bowl team of 16 students who practice weekly and competes in the Lancaster Lebanon League. LRIS boasts a team ranked as one of the top teams in the country.

High School Nationals Quiz Bowl Team

Grades 9-12 | MTHS is ranked in the top 100 teams nationally and all 21 students represent Manheim Township on a national stage. Registration for the national competition extends the team’s season and allows the students to compete against the other leading teams in the country.

Bucher’s Community of Environmental Stewards

Bucher Grades 2-4 | Bucher Elementary offers many programs and hands on activities centered on the idea of conservation and educational awareness. A Lancaster County Conservation District education officer comes to Bucher to speak about, and lead the students in hands on activities including the importance of farming, conservation, and biodiversity. Since the integration of this program 91% of students scored "proficient" on the state science assessment.

Stock Market Game

Grades 9-12 | The Stock Market Game is an interactive computer simulation introducing students to the fundamentals of investing and money management. The SMG game inserts students into real-world investing scenarios developing their financial literacy. The simulation provides a more engaging and dynamic educational experience for the students.

All That Jazz

Grades 5-12 | Approximately 550 choral students will work with professional jazz musicians from Philadelphia in an afterschool clinic. The clinic, through practice and instruction, will enhance student performance in their individual ensembles. The opportunity to work with professionals in the genre broadens students’ understanding of jazz music and help them fine-tune their performance skills.