Twice a year, fall and spring, MTEF disburses contributions from area businesses and individuals to implement educational programs that are applied for by school district educators. The projects selected are targeted towards enhancing the existing curriculum in ways that excite students and broaden their experiences in the arts, athletics or academics. MTEF is celebrating its 21st anniversary and has distributed nearly $1 million dollars since its establishment in 1993.

Sprouting Readers

Bucher Grades K-1 | Headsprout provides extra literacy support to students. It is a phonics-based reading program that reinforces and reteaches the concepts and skills outlined in the reading and language arts curriculum. Headsprout uses a patented adaptive instructional technology that can be utilized both in the classroom and at home instilling the knowledge and habits of learning necessary for future years.

Sensory Motor Room

Bucher Grades K-4 | Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder often respond to sensory stimuli differently than their typically developing peers. Some students are over-responsive or under-responsive to different stimuli. The new sensory motor room is a place where these students can go to calm or stimulate themselves through each of their senses. The equipment supports the development of communication as well as enhances sensory skills, hand-eye coordination, and cause and effect responses.

Manheim Township High School Stream Study

Grade 10 | The stream study is a hands-on opportunity for students to apply what they’ve learned about the environment, watershed management and conservation. The study is a student-conducted investigation that reinforces and encourages better understanding of classroom concepts as well as a deeper appreciation and increased ownership for their local watershed. Manheim Township High School students’ scores on the Biology Keystone Exam have peaked since the implementation of the steam study.

Junior Achievement BizTown Program

Grade 5 | Students engage in daily, hands-on lessons teaching authentic skills and essential content. BizTown provides students in fifth grade with a solid foundation of business, economics, and free enterprise education and also emphasizes STEM career exploration. BizTown helps students understand the relationship between what they learn in the classroom and their successful participation in the local economy.

Let’s Talk About Math

Grades 5-6 | Document cameras, a modern version of the overhead projector, project a document onto a board or screen without copying the contents onto a clear slide. Document cameras are used across the school district in a variety of disciplines and now the trend continues with LRIS math classes. Document cameras help both teachers and students by boosting the efficiency of shared work in math class, saving time that might otherwise be spent copying work on the board. An overwhelming majority of teachers use document cameras multiple times a week for displaying, and critiquing work both as part of lesson plans and spontaneous teachable moments.

SmartMusic Online

Grade 6 | SmartMusic is an interactive online tool allowing every 6th grade musician to practice the existing curriculum and concert repertoire using their home computer. The program functions as a private tutor to students by analyzing music, providing comments and offering thousands of additional materials for the student to access. The program allows students to continue increasing their skills even during the summer months. This increases the quantity and quality of performance skills taught to LRIS’s instrumental musicians.

Connect Club

Grades 9-12 | Connect Club helps incoming freshmen and other new students to transition smoothly to a high school environment. Connect Club has two components: a one-day summer event, followed by an ongoing school club. Connect is a student-run orientation program. Upperclassmen meet with new freshmen prior to the start of the year; students familiarize themselves with the school environment and begin building rapport with same-grade peers and upperclassmen.

American Boychoir School Program

Grades 5-6 | American Boychoir performed for nearly 1,000 students and teachers during the afternoon of April 28th. The performance exposed students to one of the finest vocal Choral groups of its kind. The group demonstrated concepts taught in class such as forming chords, harmony, and singing scales. The performance was a huge success and the students loved the inclusion of so many different styles into one performance. Many students have expressed their interest in attending a Vocal Camp with the American Boychoir during the summer.

Schaeffer Glee Club

Schaeffer Grades 3-4 | Schaeffer PTO launched a glee club late-2013 to offer free music education to students. Glee club encourages enjoyment and passion for music, by offering child-friendly songs delivered in an age-appropriate manner. Students are able to practice songs, and skills learned in the classroom.

Razzy Readers

Brecht Grade K | Raz-Kids is an online interactive reading program giving students access to an extensive collection of print and online books and quizzes. Students access these materials both at home and in school. Teachers set different difficulty levels for students so all students are challenged and can move and grow at their own pace. This program ensures that all kindergarten students are meeting reading benchmarks by the end of kindergarten.

Blue Streaks Connections

Grades 9-12 | Manheim Township High School is dedicated to providing a network of support for all students. Peer support is one of the most popular and successful forms of support. This program pairs students without disabilities to students with disabilities in order to promote social interaction, age-appropriate behaviors, and participation in school and extra-curricular activities. The mentor/mentee program establishes connections with the goal of breaking down barriers and building a deeper respect of others with diverse characteristics and unique abilities.

Brecht Summer Reading Kickoff

Brecht Grades K-4 | The summer months are critical for a student’s development however many students do not read during these months. This gap of learning causes the loss of up to three months of reading progress. Summer reading is the common attempt to counteract this trend. Summer Reading Kickoff provides each student with an age-appropriate book to read over the summer. Students choose their book, allowing them to feel more engaged and responsible for their learning with the added bonus of preventing the previous gap in learning.